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Testimonials (view all)

  • "Best Reference Book"
    Library Journal
  • " one-volume research tool in print."
    Gannett News Service
  • "Whether you're collecting, dealing, buying, selling, appraising or researching, you'll find nearly all the basic resources to assist you in this one single directory."
    Kyle Husfloen, Managing Editor, Antique Trader
  • "This resource is for anyone even remotely related to the antiques and collectibles hobby."
    Kyle Husfloen, Managing Editor, Antique Trader
  • "Without reservation, I can say that Maloney's is the single most valuable resource we use."
    Kyle Husfloen, Managing Editor, Antique Trader
  • "It's undoubtedly the most frequently referred to and mercilessly man-handled volume in the Antique Trader Publications reference library."
    Kyle Husfloen, Managing Editor, Antique Trader
  • "I rarely go to such lengths to promote someone. But I truly believe Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory is a resource no antiquer should be without."
    Connie Swaim, Editor
  • "To track down the quintet of collectors profiled here, U.S. News pored through Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory."
    U.S. News & World Reports
  • "A wealth of much-needed information for all collectors, dealers, auctioneers, museums, etc....a long needed directory."
    George Michael, Columnist
  • "The best one-volume research tool in print."
    Ann McCutchan, Gannett News Service





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