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Subscription Information for Institutions



Institutions with a subscription to Library Edition have access to the database search features for the duration of their subscription. Online access is granted on an annual basis. Subscriptions commence upon submission of your online subscription
order form and the receipt of your payment.

Permitted users include authorized persons physically present in the Subscribers’ library/institutional facilities as well as library patrons with bona fide library cards accessing the database via barcode number verification on systems outside library facilities.

Access Via IP Address Authentication


Access to Library Edition from within the authorized Subscriber site(s) is controlled by Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Subscribers are responsible for providing valid IP addresses for their organization on the institutional subscription request form. The form of these IP addresses must be acceptable to Only those IP addresses submitted by the subscriber and listed on the institutional subscription request form will have access to the material. Subscribers are responsible for providing reasonable security to ensure that only authorized users have access to their internal network. IP addresses will be verified by our staff. You may be contacted if additional clarification is necessary. Changes to IP addresses should be sent to


Access Via Barecode Authentication

Barecode authentication permits remote users, such as library patrons connecting from home, to access the database by entering their library care barcode number.


Free Trial Access


Libraries and other institutions are welcome to a 7-day free trial access to Library Edition. Use this form to either request a free trial or to purchase a subscription.


Prices and Payments

The cost for an annual institutional subscription to Library Edition varies depending on the population served within the institution's county-wide service area as determined by the National Association of Counties. Go here to find the population of the county you serve. Alternatively, you are welcome to make use of your institution's own count of population-served.



Population Served Annual List Price
5M+ $4,900
3M - 5M $3,900
2M - 3M $2,900
1M - 2M $2,400
500K - 1M $1,900
100K - 500K $1,400
< 100K $990

For non-population-based institutions (e.g., museums) with a very small user base please contact us for a customized pricing plan.  

Please contact for more information and to confirm pricing. Contact us at or 301-228-2279.

All payments are to be made in U.S. dollars. Institutional buyers should include a purchase order for billing purposes. Contact us if you require invoicing. Payments can be by check or international money order made payable to "Maloney's Directory" (Fed. ID  27-1560392) and mailed to:

Maloney's Directory
1612 Shookstown Rd.
Frederick, MD 21702

Once payment is received we will process your subscription order and activate your account usually within 24 hours.


Institutional subscribers will be contacted by via email-of-record sent to the institution's point of contact 30 days and 15 days before their subscription is due to expire. Renewals can be confirmed at that time. Prices are subject to change upon renewal. reserves the right to change these subscription terms and conditions at any time.




No cancellations are accepted once online access has been granted. All payments are final and non refundable.




Click here for Terms, Conditions and Technical Specifications.

If you have any questions, please call us at 301-228-2279 or email us at


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