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About Maloney's

For fourteen years the book version of  Maloney's was hailed as the " one-volume research tool in print." (Gannett News Service) and as a Best Reference Book (Library Journal).


Maloney's is now online— providing an easily searchable online clearinghouse of unique hard-to-find information not only about antiques and collectibles, but also about art, gems & jewelry, dinnerware/flatware/crystal matching services, contemporary collectibles and, basically, resources for any type of personal property including antique cars, machinery & equipment, and even vintage airplanes!


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Maloney's is the only resource of its kind! You will need nothing else. Others try to imitate, but none duplicate the power, thoroughness or accuracy of Maloney's.


Chock-full of 20,000 resources (with links to thousands of email addresses and websites) covering over 3,000 categories of antiques, collectibles and other types of property, Maloney's is the ultimate directory for professionals, dealers, collectors and anyone else, for that matter, interested in studying, valuing, repairing, collecting or selling their antiques and collectibles.


I am pleased to announce that Maloney's also provides consumer and public awareness resources which disseminate information about such important issues as:


  • recognizing fakes & reproductions
  • recovering stolen art
  • protecting our nation's endangered species and heritage resources including Native American cultural artifacts and archaeological sites


Maloney's now includes many categories of specialists:


  • Experts
  • Appraisers
  • Art Theft Registry & Recovery Resources
  • Collector Clubs
  • Periodicals
  • Grading Services & Authenticators
  • Dealers & Collectors
  • Museum & Library Collections
  • Matching Services for China/Flatware/Crystal
  • Pricing Resources
  • Heritage Resource Information
  • Reproduction Sources
  • Auction Services
  • Internet Resources
  • Endangered Species Regulations
  • Suppliers of Parts
  • State Historical Societies
  • Collector Reference Book Sources
  • Repair/Restoration/Conservation Services


In its new form as a subscription-based resource, Maloney's will continue a tradition of providing comprehensive resource information for the antiques and collectibles trade. Read these reviews.





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About Author: Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory™ is written by David J. Maloney, Jr., AOA CM, a nationally-known appraiser, instructor, author, radio talk-show guest, lecturer, co-host of the Public Television's series, Collecting Across America, and Chief Appraiser on the PAX TV series, Treasures in Your Home. Maloney is also author of the Complete Online Course in Personal Property Appraising as well as the 570-page "Appraising Personal Property - Principles & Methodology - 4th Ed." (Appraisers Press 2010).


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